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CockyBoys.com: Kevin Crows Power Fucks Mason Star

Kevin Crows knows how to fuck! That guy is a real sex freak and he loves showing it on camera. When Mason Star walked in on him jerking off to the scene that Kevin filmed himself it was like signing his own hole sentence – poor Mason’s hole was about to be subjected to extreme plowing and stuffing in every imaginable position. At one point Mason was in the air, holding on to Kevin for dear life, impaled on his giant cock and hanging on it like some piece of cock jewelry, while Kevin was bouncing him up and down on his cock as if his bubble butt was a beach ball. During the whole scene Kevin was choking Mason, smacking him, pulling his hair… he pretty much owned that bitch like it was his toy to do whatever he wanted with. And what do boys do with their toys? That’s right! They cover them in cum!! Well, at least over here at Cockyboys.com that what they do! Enjoy!

CockyBoys.com: Double Penetration with Gabriel and Trent & Andrew

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I’m telling you, I’ve never seen such “hostility” towards a bottom on our site before. I am legally forbidden to use certain words on the site but if I could – you bet I’d be using them right now. What these two do to poor Andrew (a.k.a. Cockyboys’ new Power-Bottom-Boy) should be the official way a boy is broken and turned into a man. After seeing the abuse that boy took in this scene I have so much more respect for him now. There is just absolutely no mercy shown to him. Both of his holes are full of cock the entire time and towards the end they stuff their giant dicks in his ass at the same time too. Unable to hold it anymore, Andrew shoots his load onto Gabriel’s chest but (un)fortunately for the poor bottom boy the fucking ain’t over yet. Don’t miss the ending too! Gabriel and Trent literally redefine the meaning of “cum bath” as they practically shower Andrew’s face and drown him in gallons of cum. This scene changes everything. Again. Check it.

CockyBoys.com: Mason Star, Phenix Saint & Jimmy Clay 3-Way


What do you get when you put three hot, horny, monster-dicked cockyboys together and let them do whatever they want? I wish I could tell you but after shooting this scene – I’m at a loss for words. After a whole day of sucking, fucking, spit licking, and a few buckets of cum I feel pretty stupid trying to explain this to you. This scene definitely breaks even our own cockyboy record for cum shooting. Let me just tell you – Mason might need a vision exam soon – his eyes had never seen so much cum – literally. Enjoy!

CockyBoys.com: Brodie Sinclair Fucks Andrew Blue


Pig-porn-pioneers Brodie and Andrew were helping me move some stuff in the storage unit a couple weeks ago. I knew that putting those two together in the same building would probably be a bad idea as they won’t get much work done and instead they would end up fucking each others’ brains out like animals-gone-wild. But nonetheless I decided to see what happens. Andrew being the hungry power bottom that he is 24/7 and Brodie being that cocky mean fucker whose dick requires constant service at all times I just knew it was only a matter of time before those two sniffed each other and started going at it as if I wasn’t even there! Not to disappoint, in the middle of moving stuff around, Brodie decided to whip his meat out and feed it to Andrew. Needless to say, Andrew was just waiting for a change to start practicing his gag reflex (or lack of) and when the opportunity presented itself – he was all over Brodie’s dick like a cock-starved pussy-boy. Once the juices started flowing I knew what was coming and no one could stop it. Before the storage unit manager could say anything Brodie had already claimed Andrew’s holes for the day and was using them whichever way he liked. ‘Cuz that’s what cockyboys do! ‘Got a problem with that? I didn’t think so either!’ – is what I said to the manager who was trying to hide his boner from us. I think Brodie claimed his holes later that day too but that’s a different story… Or at least that’s the only reasonable explanation I can think of for getting a whole month free at that storage place. That’s right baby! Being a cockyboy comes with perks! Enjoy!

CockyBoys.com: Sebastian Young Fucks Jimmy Clay

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Sebastian Young’s cockyness knows no limits. The more ass I let him fuck the greedier he gets. He doesn’t care if you’re a top or a bottom- if he wants to fuck you HE WILL FUCK YOU! And you will take it. Period. So when he saw Jimmy Clay on the site he came up to me and said ‘I wanna pound that motha fucker.” I was like ‘Hell no! Jimmy Clay is a top and he probably won’t be able to take it as good as he gives it.’ I must have been fucked up on some hardcore shit when I said that because clearly I had no idea what I was talking about. This piece of muscle meat was born to ride cock and hang loose on top of a big giant cock. Since filming this scene it doesn’t even make sense in my mind anymore to think of Jimmy without a cock up his ass. With this scene Jimmy Clay officially puts his name on Cockyboy’s Hall of Fame under the power bottoms column. It’s another masterpiece from Cockyboys! Enjoy.

CockyBoys.com: Adrian and Brandon Do Some Hardcore Fucking

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WOOF!! It’s rare to see chemistry like this in porn. Adrian and Brandon start by making out on the bed and it just evolves into this passionate animalistic lovin’ and the guys are not shy at all about showing it off for the camera. After Adrian devours Brandon’s ass like a fat kid devours cake he then sucks his big dick while fingering his ass and massaging his prostate with his thumb to get his hole opened up and ready for the fucking of its lifetime. And for the love of porn, Brandon and his hungry butt just couldn’t get enough of Adrian’s cock- Brandon eagerly kept pushing and thrusting himself into Adrian’s huge cock trying to get it as deep as possible into his manhole. Being so much into each other I think made them shoot their loads both at the same time and let me tell ya – it’s been a while since we’ve had a cumshot like this here on Cockyboys.com. That’s all I’m telling y’all – do yourself (and your dick) a favor and go watch this asap!