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DirtyTony.com: Hung Mountain Climber Eddy Adams Fucks City Boy Dayton O’Connor With His Very Thick Dick

Holy Crap! Eddy Adams has a long, thick cock! He has the body to match! City Boy Dayton O’Connor does his best to take that huge cock into his mouth and ass! Lucky boy!!


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DirtyTony.com: Gio Sucks 7 Cocks & Swallows 8 Loads Of Cum

Gio really likes to suck cock.  He has 7 horny guys with big hard cocks that need to be sucked. Blowjobs are what Gio likes. He only likes swallowing cum more. One by one, he sucks each guy’s dick and let them shoot their loads into his hungry mouth. He swallows every drop.


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DirtyTony.com: Hot Hunks Get Dirty

Tony likes dirty guys. He gets lots of sexy straight and gay guys to do lots of dirty things with each other! One of his specialties is cum facials…lots of hot cum sprayed all over beefy dude’s faces. Enjoy!

DirtyTony.com: Tony’s Cum Compilation “A Squirt Of Loads”


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I love a good load. Every once in awhile, I like to bring you my latest compilation of delicious gooey squirts, seed sprays, cumshots, jizzloads, baby batters, glue rockets, nut cannons, and splooge shooters. This time, I have 51 nut shots for you to enjoy. The boys are fucking and sucking each other. Most of the time, the cum lands right on their tonsils, then the guys gargle each white pearly mouthful right in front of your eyes. If the guys are wanking their own meat solo, they’re looking you right in the eye as the rivers of jizz jump from their stiff cocks. These muscley specimens know how to let loose with load after giant load with nothing else to spoil the action.


DirtyTony.com: Hot Massage, Cock Sucking, Rimming And Fucking With Zachary & Jeremy


Zachary likes to get fucked and he is about to get a good, hard fucking from a thick cock. Jeremy needs a back rub and Zachary is more than willing to get the massage going. Zachary sneaks his dick out and shoves it into Jeremy’s face. Jeremy takes the bait and starts sucking Zachary’s hard cock.

Jeremy decides he is going to eat some ass. He gives Zachary a rimming he won’t forget, darting his tongue into Zachary’s ass. Jeremy can’t wait any longer and shoves his erect meat deep into Zachary’s wet hole. Zachary gets the ride of his life and shoots streams of cum while Jeremy pounds his pucker. Jeremy aims at Zachary’s mouth and shoots white hot jizz into Zachary’s open mouth.

DirtyTony.com: Young, Hot & Horny Timo Swift Fucks Max Morgan


It’s a beautiful day out and Timo Swift and Max Morgan are outside soaking up the sun with my dog, Timber. He is dirty from playing in the canyon all day and these 2 studs are here to give him a bath and a rub down with his favorite brush. Timo grabs the hose and starts wetting Timber down while Max preps the doggy shampoo. They playfully throw soap at each other throughout the dog bath and take turns grabbing the hose and splashing each other around on the deck. I don’t know who is goofier, these guys or my dog who won’t sit still! Max and Timo head to the showers to rinse off all the dog hair and it gets extra steamy. The boys lather each other up and steal a few cock feels here and there. Timo shuts off the shower and Max wastes no time going down onto the hardened pecker before him. Timo moans out loud while Max deep throats his penis and pushes his head down hard. Timo bends over and Max rims him a bit before collecting his reward; Timo’s mouth! Timo sucks and slurps on Max’s hard-on before they take off for the bedroom. Max heads to the bed and Timo pushes him face down and spits on Max’s boy hole before jamming his mile long dong into him. Timo smacks Max’s plump ass and rams his hole deep and hard. Max climbs onto my bed and lays down followed by Timo who jumps back inside of him. They rough each other up a bit while things get more heated. Max slaps Timo’s ass hard and Timo grasps Max’s throat and hits him in the chest. Hot! Timo tires so Max jumps on top of the Timo rodeo style and rides away. He bounces up and down while Timo thrusts hard into him at the same time. Max’s prostate is on cloud nine and causes him to reach climax. He moans out and splatters his load all over the place. Timo pushes Max off his cock and spreads his ass while jerking his jerk stick. Max licks and eats Timo’s tight pink hole and Timo shoots his splooge all over Max’s face. These hotties realize last minute they left poor Timber outside so they hop up to go and have some more playtime.

DirtyTony.com: Young, Beefy & Tattooed Conner Chesney Fucks Clayton Archer


Clayton and Conner get some good chatting in, learning about what they each like to do. It happens to be that they share an interest in motorcycles. The boys get up and decide to get measurements of their bodies and compare with each other. Conner grabs Clayton’s chest and notices he is pretty tensed up from his workout. Conner offers him up a massage to help relieve some of his tension and Clayton happily accepts. Clayton gets worked up pretty fast and tells Conner he wants something else massaged. Clayton gets up and immediately pulls down his pants. Conner kisses him and then kisses down his neck, chest, and abs, all the way down to Clayton’s hardened erection. Conner bobs up and down and sucks on Clayon’s ball sack. Now Clayton wants a taste of his buds. Conner stands up and whips out his perky pink cock. Clayon gets to work and swallows his shaft while he juggles his balls in his hand. Conner rubs his hand down Clayton’s back and starts tracing around his tight hole. After all the anal teasing is done, he is ready for a taste of the real thing. He leads Clayton over to the bed and bends him over, jamming his penis head deep into Clayton’s man cave. Conner grunts with each hard thrust causing Clayton to moan out. Conner then pulls off his remaining clothes and tosses Clayton onto his back on the bed. He lifts up his leg and jumps right back into Clayton. Conner pounds and slaps on Claytons hairy bubble ass. Clayton rubs his hand against Conner’s pecs and pinches on his pink nipples. Clayton starts jerking his cock as Conner continues to fuck him deep and hard. With a few load moans, Clayton’s dick tip shoots out a thick glob of cum followed by several more spurts of man juice. Conner fucks Clayon; giving it everything he has and almost instantly gets to his climax. He pulls out and jumps on top of Clayton, shooting his load across Clayton’s face, mouth, and even on the other side of Clayton’s head. There is nothing better than a massage with a happy ending.

DirtyTony.com: Thick Dick Matty Demerit Fucks Tattooed Muscular Clayton Archer


Matty Demerit is one sexy stud with an urban flavor. This newbie to the screen is tall, muscular, and very handsome. When we first met, he said he was a man of many talents. I know just the guy who can bring out the best in his fellow man: Clayton Archer. It turns out that Matty is a hip hop dance instructor, Clayton is always on the lookout for something new to his veteran palate and wants Matty to show him a move or two. Like a good athlete always should, the boys strip to their skivvies and get in a good stretch before the action begins. They start with ALL the major muscle groups. Matty soon gets Clayton bent over into a a deep lunge and really starts coaching him. He guides his hips down into full extension and can’t help but compliment Clayton’s great tanned ass. He gets a little lower for a closer look and takes the bait (and Clayton’s undies) into his own hands. Legs spread and semi-hard, Clayton turns his cock to Matty’s mouth for a very special session indeed. It turns out that Matty really knows how to suck a dick. Drooling all over Clayton’s balls, Matty gets tonsils deep and tries to go farther. Hard as a rock, Clayton returns the favor. He spins Matty against the footboard and drops to his knees. This guy has more hidden talents than I thought. Clayton’s eyebrows raise as Matty’s monster grows to its full eight plus inch status. Now these boys are ready to fuck. Matty grabs his dick by the base and presses his swollen head slowly into Clayton’s expert ass. No romance for these horny fuckers, they get right into pounding. Matty nails away like he owns that ass, letting out primal grunts and growls as he plows into Clayton. When they take it to the bed, Matty give Clayton a stretching he wont forget for days. With his feet in the air and legs in a split, Clayton takes his beating like a good bottom should. Over and over they slam into each other until Matty calls for Clayton to “cum for daddy”. And he does, Clayton shoots a thick white load all over his six-pack and continues to take Matty’s cock. Not to be outdone, Matty pulls himself together and hoses down Clayton’s waiting cheek with rope after rope of sweet man seed. Good job boys, now lets see you dance!

DirtyTony.com: Dominant Gavin Greene Fucks And Feeds Joel Mayberry His Cum


Sometimes getting a guy into bed takes some finessing. Gavin Greene has got an urge, and he’s hoping that Joel Mayberry will help him satisfy his desire. Gavin’s too horny for small talk and jumps right to telling Joel that he’s into bondage, and has been a switch to a professional dominant. Sensing that Joel may be a little uneasy, Gavin dials it back a bit. He starts talking sports, and Joel’s interest in renewed. Joel is intrigued by Gavin’s offer to show him some defensive moves. Gavin leads in with a few simple maneuvers, then takes his mark, and takes Joel down. Lying on the carpet with Gavin on top of him, Joel is aware of the mounting tension. Gavin rubs Joel’s chest, tugs at his shirt, and slyly asks Joel if he’s done this before. In the seconds following Joel’s timid admission, Gavin pounces. He straddles Joel, and pulling down Joel’s pants, Gavin tackles Joel’s cock with his mouth! Joel moans loudly, as he tries to wriggle out of his button-down and undershirt. Gavin reaches up to help, and the two become passionately lip-locked. Gavin gropes hungrily, suckling onto Joel’s hardened meatstick. Joel pinches at his own nipple as his panting sighs of pleasure increase in their intensity. Gavin chokes as he eagerly tries to deep-throat all of Joel’s pole. Gavin hops up and grabbing Joel by the waist, throws him onto the sofa. Gavin hurriedly pushes down his pants and pushes his schlong into Joel’s mouth. Joel slurps at Gavin’s throbbing rod, which grows fatter against his slippery lips. Gavin grabs Joel by the back of the neck. He pulls Joel’s hair, as he forces Joel to take his sweet sword even deeper. Gavin fucks Joel’s face, ramming into him with his bulging phallus. Joel pulls away, gagging, as tears well up in his eyes. Gavin pushes Joel toward the sofa. Joel leans over the cushions, spreading his legs, his pink ass-candy glistening a welcome for Gavin. Gavin smacks the tip of his engorged spooge tube against Joel’s assmouth. Gavin slides into Joel’s ass easily, as he smacks his tight buttcheek. Gavin plows into Joel, as Joel, panting, cries out, “Fuck me!” Gavin pulls out abruptly. Yanking Joel by the arm, Gavin throws him against the wall. Joel leans into the wall with both hands, as Gavin pushes his weight into him. Gavin rams into Joel, mercilessly fucking his boy’s ass. Joel, unable to restrain himself, screams out in the pain that is pleasure. Gavin reaches forward, forcibly covering Joel’s mouth with his clenched palm. Gavin throws Joel to the bed, pushing Joel’s legs back against his chest. Gavin enters Joel, thrusting fast and hard. Joel reaches for his own straining, vein-laden cock, and begins jerking at it wildly. Gavin thrashes into Joel’s honey ass repeatedly, then pulls quickly away. Jumping onto the bed, Gavin points his pink, taut head at Joel’s mouth- a bright red arrow sign indicating the direction of things to come. Joel leans back, mouth wide, ready for Gavin’s cum delivery. Gavin spews thick, creamy chunks of gooey sperm spunk down Joel’s cheeks. Joel suckles at Gavin’s tip, draining him of his very last drop of jizz.

DirtyTony.com: Chiseled Fabian Fucks Beefy, Hairy Chested Brock Landon With Hot Facial Ending


We’ve got such a nice treat today to have these two chisled muscle studs on set and got to see them show off their tight man bodies for us. Fabian and Brock take their fitness pretty seriously and Brock tells us about how he got into working out and body building. Fabian immediately takes an interest and asks if Brock will show him some of his body builing poses. Brock happily agrees and they both strip down before Fabian gets his lesson. Brock is heating up the set and Fabian can’t help but to take his pants off and start worshipping his muscle God. He starts rubbing up and down Brock’s hairy man chest and kissing his biceps and washboard abs. Fabian slowly unbuttons Brock’s pants and places his warm mouth over the most important muscle of all. Brock tells him to get his cock nice and hard and Fabian is sure to not disappoint. Fabian massages Brock’s big ball sack while he sucks and swallows on his fuckstick. Fabian strokes his raging hard on through his underwear; you can see it trying to escape its prison as it presses outward from his body. He cannot deny its wishes and stands up to lead Brock over to the bed to get both of them more comfortable. Fabian takes off his underwear and climbs up onto the bed to let Brock do some servicing now. Brock allows the prized meat to enter his face hole and Fabian is extra dirty with him. He slowly thrusts in and out of Brocks slobbery mouth, making him gag and salivate all over his chest. Brock is enjoying having a chance to do some worshipping of his own, this time on Fabians perfect thick tool. Brock gets Fabian really going and Fabian wants to explore the depths of his studyly partner’s tight pink hole. He leaps out of Brock’s mouth and slaps his hardened shaft against Brock’s crack. Brock tells him to go slow and Fabian reassures him that he has got his back. With slow, but deep thrusts, Fabian opens up Brock’s domain. Brock is enjoying having his ass pounded and even grabs ahold of Fabian’s cheeks and pulls him into him. Fabian detatches himself from Brock and lies sideways next to Brock, and re-enters him. This angle is perfect for Fabian as he can lick and suck on Brock’s hard pink nipples. Brock moans with pleasure as his prostate is having the best time of it’s life right now. Fabian then switches things up again for his muscled man and bends him over on his knees. He slips in and rams into Brock with no remorse. Fabian increases his pace and grabs ahold of Brock’s shoulders to pull himself closer and harder into Brock’s tight bubble ass. Fabian reaches his point of no return and pulls out to unleash his load on Brock’s face. He lets out several loud passionate moans as the ropes escape from his testicles. Brock is about to bust too and ferociously jerks his meat and pumps his load out onto his stomach. Fabian cheers him on and rubs Brock’s chest sweetly as they both catch their breath after another hard day’s work.