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HardBritLads.com: Horse Hung Brit David Fucks Smooth Muscular Justin With His Thick 10 Inch Monster Cock


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Scene description from HardBritLads.com:

This is INSANELY HOT.. Mega Hung David Ken pushes hot muscle lad Justin Harris to his limits, with his wrist thick ten inch meat.. Justin’s throat & arse get majorly stretched as David fucks his mouth & plows his hole in 3 positions, before spraying him with spunk..

In shiny sports kit, the lads start off on the sofa, getting a feel of each others bodies as they kiss. David pulls up Justins top to reveal his seriously hot smooth muscular chest, and starts lapping away at Justins nipple, making his dick start to throb inside his sport shorts. Justins hand moves down to Davids crotch, his shorts barely able to contain the enormous bulge theyre hiding.. As Justin strokes it, it throbs.

David reaches down to get a feel of Justins equally stiff dick, and pulls it out the side of his shorts.. Unable to hold off any longer, Justin does the same, unleashing Davids monstercock from his little shiny shorts.. This dick is SO thick Justin cant even get his hand all the way around it as he grips it at the base, gazing at the rock solid girthy ten inches in awe and anticipation. He slowly jerks him off, hot close ups of his foreskin sliding back and forth over the end of his bulging bell end.. Justin starts to lick it, getting David aroused, and he is very vocal as Justin starts to suck his monster dick.

TitanMenVOD: “In Deep” featuring Horse Hung Tristan Jaxx Fucking Hot Black Stud Race Cooper


Scene description from TitanMenVOD:

With Race Cooper’s jock bod slumbering near him, Tristan Jaxx can’t help himself—he goes straight for his lover’s jock ass, firing his tongue deep inside. Race turns around and feeds his steel shaft to Tristan, who fingers his moaning bud as he sucks him. Tristan stands up and feeds his big uncut cock to Race, who wraps his lips tightly around the shaft. Tristan flashes a killer smile down at the sucker, soon turning him around and fucking him from behind as Race’s boner is splayed out against the edge of the mattress. Race then sits on the top and grinds his bubble butt down tight, grabbing hold of Tristan’s pecs as he bounces (“Fuck you’re hot!”) and the top jacks and sucks him. The bottom turns around and rides, his rock-hard cock bouncing off his own chiseled abs. The two come, including a multi-gusher from Tristan that has them both smiling.

BentleyRace.com: Horse Hung 23 Year Old New Yorker Donovan Rivera Shows His Huge Cock


The big dick lovers amongst us are gonna love my new mate Donovan Rivera. I was on a mission when I hit New York to hook up with some big dicked guys, and when I saw the photos Donovan sent me he went to the top of the list! It was super cold in New York when we met in front of my hotel. I quickly hurried Donovan up to my room to get out of the wind and defrost. I suggested he warm up with a hot shower so I could grab these shots… oh… and see him naked of course. I love skinny guys with big dicks. As Donovan jumped in to the shower wearing those clingy nylon speedos I could already see that snake growing down his leg. There was no avoiding getting wet as I lay on the floor snapping photos from below. That big dick was acting as a water spout!

Donovan Rivera is an incredibly sweet 23 year old local New Yorker. He had the day off from work and gave up his afternoon to come over and hang out with us. Donovan had never posed naked before so I took these shots to warm him up for his afternoon of shooting. Dam I love these “big” guys!

MaverickMen.com: Horse Hung Hairy Hole Davis Gets Fucked By The Maverick Men


Scene description from MaverickMen.com:

Okay so here he is; you all went BANANAS over our buddy Davis and demanded that we show him next, so as always; your wish is our command! A few things you should know about Davis: he is an amazing guy; very chill and relaxed with a serious appetite for hot sex, he is top-vers and loves to be cock worshiped, he loves sweaty man scent just like us, and he’s truly a man’s man.Be warned; his big blue eyes and fat cock will break your heart and your hole if you’re not careful, lol. Did I mention that Davis is SINGLE and looking for Mr. Right, or maybe even Mr. Right now!….so feel free to leave him a message on the site or email us here at Maverickmen.com and we’ll foreword your loving and lustful emails to him.In this sticky hot video you will see a true top take cock like an eager bottom. We eat and lick his sweet manhole till he begs for our cocks, and when we finally slip t
hem in, he goes wild; moaning and growling like a fucking animal! We fucked him in the morning on our sofa so hard that the sofa ended up on the other side of the room.The sounds alone in this video will make your banana cream! Once again, I judge this video’s hotness by how many times I had to jerk off while editing and this one was a 3-stroke video – a true home run of hotness. As a long time fan, Davis has been eager to come meet us, which shows throughout this video. We spent a great weekend with him here in Boston. We were snow bound with nothing to do but fuck! Davis, if you’re reading this; we love you man CUM BACK soon, please!

RedHotLatinos.com: Dillon Press Gets Fucked By Jack Simmons’ 10 Inch Cock


Jack Simmons invites his buddy Dillon Press over to his house. The two waste not time getting naked, and Jack is only too willing to wrap his mouth around Dillon’s fat pecker. Jack sucks Dillon’s cock for a while, then Dillon sucks Jack’s cock for a bit before Jack lifts his legs in the air and offers his hole to Dillon. Dillon eagerly rims Jack, kissing, sniffing and tongue-fucking Jack’s hole greedily. Dillon gets on all fours and Jack slides his huge black cock up inside Dillon, plowing him like there is no tomorrow. Dillon grits his teeth and takes the abuse, letting Jack thrust deep into him with all 10 inches until Jack lets loose with a torrent of thick white cum. Dillon then shoots his load all over Jack’s mouth and chin.

HardBritLads.com: Steven Prior & Drew Brody- Two Ten Inch Monstercocks!


Scene description from HardBritLads.com:

TWO UNCUT TEN INCHERS!! For those of you who like super huge dicks, you will be in Monstercock Heaven with this unmissable scene! Slim twink Steven Prior and beefy rugby lad Drew Brody, both with super think uncut ten inchers, are two of the most hung lads in the UK, and this scene is destined to become a classic. Both lads had mentioned that they would love to fool around with someone as big as them, so I HAD to put them together for an eyewatering mutual suck fest. The result will have you spunking in your pants in no time!

We start off with a light-hearted but very honest chat, with the lads talking about what it was like growing up with a monstercock, and the pros and cons of being super well hung. Its interesting, funny, and revealing. After that, the lads cant wait to get started, and begin groping each other, and right away both lads have massive hard bulges straining inside their adidas shorts. They squeeze each others now rock hard cocks, before taking them out the side of their shorts..

What an incredible sight! Both cocks are super thick, and ten inches is the real size, not an exaggeration. And both are uncut, and they jerk off nice and slow so you can see their foreskin sliding back and forth over the end of their fat dicks. They jerk themselves off, then they jerk off each other, and kiss. Then Drew leans back into the corner of the sofa, and Steven lays on his side and begins to lick and suck on Drews monstermeat. Knowing how good it feels to have someone able to suck a huge cock properly, Steven opens wide and goes as deep as he can, but only manages to get about a third of the way down. Its a very horny sight tho, and he certainly tries his best to suck deep, and his own cock throbs rock solid while he sucks, he clearly loves it.

They switch, and Drew gets Stevens cock nice and wet first, licking it up and down the meaty shaft, before taking it in his mouth. Now comes the great surprise. Drew can suck REALLY deep, and obviously enjoys the challenge. He manages to get almost the entire length down his throat and he takes his time doing it. It is SO HOT to watch this.

Next, they take off their shorts and Drew stands, his beefy powerful frame matching his massive dick, unlike Steven, who is so slim it makes his cock look even bigger than it really is. Steven kneels, opens wide, and again, takes Drews huge meat as deep as he can -he really tries, and as before, his own dick is rock hard throughout. Then Steven stands, and Drew kneels, and again, his sucking is incredible, and i got some very interesting angles of him deepthroating it, shot from underneath. Youre gonna love it. After this, both lads are aching to shoot their loads, so Drew stands, they play with each others cocks a little more, before returning to the sofa.

Drew sucks Steven again as he jerks himself off. Both lads are so horny by this point they cant hold off for long, and Drew shoots first, thick white spurts overs his abs, shortly followed by Steven, who cums in a heavy stream which pours down his dick and over his hand, collecting in a thick pool at the base of his cock. This is one unmissable scene!

ExtraBigDicks.com: Mario Costa and Mason Coxx in Big Dicked Fuck Session


Mario Costa and Mason Coxx are both back this week on ExtraBigDicks.com to finish off January and get us ready for February. Mario comes in all dressed up to head out to his reunion. Mason has other plans as he goes in for a kiss. Mario’s briefs can hardly contain that dick. Mason opens wide as he slides Mario’s massive cock inside. Mario moans his approval as he gets his cock sucked to the hilt. Mario finally has someone as hung to play with as he strokes Mason’s thick cock. He goes down on Mason to return the favor as he wraps his lips around that throbbing cock. Mason watches as the Cuban stud worships his dick. Mario can’t get enough of that dick as he savors every inch he has to play with. Mario’s own cock is throbbing as they move into a hot 69. Mason takes top bunk as he slides his meat back into Mario’s mouth and bends forward for more of Mario’s. “I want you inside me” coos Mason. Mario is more than happy to oblige as he suits up and watches Mason sit on his thick ! cock. Mason’s hungry hole opens up for that thick dick and is soon riding it like a champ. Mason’s own cock is rock hard and bouncing like a diving board as he rides that cock. Mario then switches it up as he bends Mason over and gets some more of that ass doggy style. Mario buries that dick all the way to the hilt as his eyes roll back with pleasure. Missionary is next as he gets Mason on his back with his legs in the air. He gets right back to pounding that hot ass as Mason starts jacking his rock hard cock. Mario’s thick cock is hitting him in all the right spots as Mason cock’s explodes sending his thick load all over his navel. Mario isn’t far behind as he unloads all over Mason’s cum covered cock.