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ManAvenue.com: Jorge Alvarez Flexes His Muscles While Stroking His Big Beautiful Cock


Jorge is at it again…and this time in the privacy of his own bedroom and bathroom.

Nothing like starting a video butt ass naked with a hard on, my kind of man.

He flexes and poses with a rock hard boner then lays back on the bed and strokes a bit. Before long, I guess he can’t stand it any longer because he stands up, flexes again and cums while flexing…oh my fucking god…could it get any better?

Watch every last bit of cum drip from his hard cock while he flexes all the blood through his massive biceps.

Then it’s off to the shower for a cool down.

ManAvenue.com: Tomm and Alex Stevens Fuck In The Woods


Tomm and Alex Stevens were out recently for a leisurely drive through the countryside. After getting a only a few miles out of town, Alex starts playing with Tomm’s dick through his shorts.

While Tomm maneuvers the back roads, Alex leans over and starts sucking him off. Tomm’s attention to the road soon shifts to the younger stud slurping on his cock.

Not being able to take it any longer, Tomm pulls the car off the road, leads Alex into the abandoned ruins where they proceed to suck and fuck the rest of the afternoon.

Be sure to see Tomm thrusting from behind while Alex’s long limber legs are like putty in this muscle man’s grip.

ManAvenue.com: Baby-Faced Jerry Stone Shows Off His Muscular Body



This week brings us another new hottie, Jerry Stone, to the ManAvenue lineup.

Jerry was a little shy when we first met him but told us he’d been thinking about adult modeling for some time. He left that meeting, beefed up at the gym for 6 months and called us back. We were amazed at the amount of muscle he had packed on.

He has obviously overcome his shyness, too, because his dick was hard when he exposed it from his boxers.

Jerry shows off his muscle gains, strutting his hard cock across the room, all before laying back on the bed and blowing his load for us.

Jerry, Jerry, Jerry. Can’t wait to see you swallowing a cock with your mouth and ass :)

ManAvenue.com: Big Dick Club with Marco Blaze & Jay


In this first installment of BIG Dick Club, we backtrack to the enormous cocks of Marco Blaze and Jay. This behind the scenes look at both of these models gives you an up close and personal look at why we chose them as first members.

We still recall the day Marco Blaze unloaded his fat, ginormous dick in front of us. It was all we could do to keep our mouths closed when he pulled it from his shorts. It really is a sight to behold. And Jay, Jay, Jay. He did his shoot after work one day….unzipped his trousers and flopped that big thing around. It was so fucking huge, it hung half way down to his knees.

This raw footage will make your own cocks swell with man juice when these two muscle expose their man TOOLS in this BIG Dick Club V1.

ManAvenue.com: Hairy Muscle Men Martin And Peter Suck & Fuck


In was inevitable that these 2 should be paired up for some good old fashioned sucking and fucking. With Martin’s cocky attitude and Peter’s willing hairy hole, man sex never smelled so good.

These guys start off goofing around by comparing biceps and seeing who can do the best posing routine. Before you know it, Peter is down on the floor with Martin’s dick in his mouth.

After sucking each other’s dicks, Martin has had enough and wants to get his cock in Peter’s ass. He fucks Peter doggie style, then flips him over to plow him with Peter’s massive legs in the air…

Excuse me; I need to go jack off. Just describing this scene has me all boned up…again.

ManAvenue.com: Tall, Buff & Hung Tim Shows Off His Beautiful Body


Tim is one of those guys that you can lick and suck from head to toe. His skin is perfect, his dick is perfect and his ass is perfect.

When he takes a shower, the water trickles downs his body and passes through the crack of that beautiful ass. He then bends forward a bit, and pulls his ass apart exposing a perfect hairy butt that makes my dick hard.

As if that weren’t enough, he crawls onto the bed, gets on his knees, spreads that ass again and shows that perfect, pink man-hole.

If this were a VHS tape, that section would be worn out. If it were a magazine, those pages would be stuck together.