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RagingStallion.com: Monster Cock Ginger Mountain Man James Jamesson Fucks Bearded Muscle Stud Jimmy Fanz

There are so many things that are right about this scene. Muscular, masculine guys; Redheaded, bearded man with a truly huge and thick cock and a very willing hairy chested beefy bottom! Wow! Enjoy!


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HairyBoyz.com: Hung Beefy Muscle Bear Bruno Knight Fucks Tattooed Otter Ben Brown


Scene description from HairyBoyz.com:

With the cards stacked against him and nothing left to wager, Ben Brown folds and yields his ass to Bruno Knight. Bruno teases his willing victim, licking and nibbling the young stud’s face and neck to taste the salty sweetness of his skin. Bruno eats out his manhole then fucks Ben’s ass, working himself in as far deep as he can. He pounds then slows it down and then jackhammers again. Bruno pulls out, jacks himself off and cums with Ben unloading right after.

DirtyTony.com: Furry Otter Seth Fisher Tall Hairy Assed Blaine

Today I’m so happy to share an awesome matchup between my favorite furry otter, Seth Fisher, and the handsome and tall, Blaine. These two immediately begin discussing their love of electronic dance music and hobbies making it in their spare time when they aren’t fucking. This leads immediately to them demonstrating their love of body hair by making out with each other’s armpits while Blaine temporarily takes charge and works his way down to Seth’s pants, unleashing a super thick fuck tool. Saliva drips out of Blaine’s mouth like dog at feeding time before he plunges that big ol’ dick deep in his softly ribbed esophagus. Working his throat like a pulsating techno beat, Seth’s eyes can’t keep from rolling back in his head, which is Blaine’s cue to lay Seth back and lift his legs a little – paying extra close attention to fucking his furry tight hole with a velvety pink tongue. Seth’s dick fills up with so much blood the rest of him looks increasingly more pale, but he seems to have enough blood in his brain to make the decision of flipping the script and deep throating Blaine’s swollen member right before licking his super-hairy ass clean like a mother cat with a rambunctious youngster. Blaine couldn’t stop moaning while Seth kept going back to that buffet time after time until he was really full and ready to plug Blaine’s spit covered man-hole with his rock hard man hammer. Slowly sliding into home, Blaine grasps Seth’s big dick with his tight anal walls, strangling it and keeping the pulsating head stuck deep within him until Seth is able to struggle free and pull a few inches out, only to be sucked back into a vortex of pure pleasure. This tour of Blaine’s interior continues on moving from doggy to cowboy as he spreads his furry ass cheeks apart and falls all the way down to Seth’s pendulous nuts; starting off slowly but building momentum as Seth lays there in amazement, incapable of shutting his jaw. Finally Seth pushes Blaine onto his back and aggressively makes out with him while pummeling his tight pink digestive tract until cum gushes forth all over his dark treasure trail and Seth instantly reaches the point of no return and fires load after load past Blaine’s cute face and onto the comforter behind him.

DirtyTony.com: Military Man Marco Fucks Sexy Otter Seth Fisher


Have I got a treat for you today! Our favorite otter, Seth Fisher, and amazingly studly military man, Marco, are matched up today for some hilarious conversation and absolutely stunning marathon sex. Using the bed like a stand-up comedy stage, Seth begins telling ridiculous anecdotes, one after another, making Marco laugh and demonstrating the obvious chemistry between these two hunks. Next, Seth asks Marco if he likes feet rubs, and proceeds to draw him into a separate universe entirely comprised of sensorial pleasure, toes first. Marco begins to relax even more as Seth really takes control and leans in for a steamy make out session, leading him to remove Marco’s shirt and scan his fingertips over his beautiful toned torso, resting at his nipples while orally worshiping his armpit. Obviously this kind of intimate contact gets Marco’s dick harder than a diamond, which Seth immediately swallows all the way to his hot natural pubes and beautiful tight balls. Marco fucks his face for a bit, before flipping the script to deep throat Seth’s beautiful 9-incher. I don’t know where all that meat went, but from the looks of Seth’s face, he is definitely in heaven. Tongue swirling around the base of Seth’s monster dick as his piss-slit oozes precum all down the back of his throat, Marco really shows off his best-of-show cock-sucking tricks and works up the tension until he can’t resist plowing his throbbing engorged hard-on, balls deep into Seth’s crushingly tight pink sphinc. Eyes bulging from the pounding his little jock hole is receiving, Seth cries out in garbled English while Marco gives it to him furiously like only another man could. Flipping him onto his lap to ride cowboy, Marco continues ramming his hot dick in and out of Seth like a red-hot piston in an engine that is being pushed to the absolute max. Next, Marco gets Seth on all fours as sweat flies everywhere while he goes to work passionately terrorizing his anus’s vice grip. Ripping his cock out of Seth, Marco explodes into his mouth like a fire-hydrant that got run over by an SUV while Seth jacks his own dick until rhythmic darts of jizz are catapulted over his shoulder. After the first couple of giant wads of jizz issue forth, I was sure Seth’s balls were drained. But, he continues with 1, then 2, then 3 more giant squirts across his abdomen and up to his neck. A final squirt and Seth continues to convulse as Marco looks down, admiring his work.

DirtyTony.com: Sexy Otter Seth Fisher Fucks Twinkie Blonde Glen Woods


Neither of my guests today are strangers to my famous casting couch. Sexy otter, Seth Fisher and twinkie blonde, Glen Woods return today for a meating that really gets my blood flowing like an incoming tide. The two begin discussing romance languages before moving on to chat about dance music and their individual feelings on appreciating the female body. This conversation quickly leads to Glen reaching over to grab onto Seth’s instantly hard and gigantic dick, still in his jeans. Seth reciprocates by gently rubbing his crotch until Glen springs up and pulls his shirt off revealing a light dusting of hair on his chest and firm stomach. After giving a nice glimpse of his slender frame, Glen crouches down to unbuckle Seth and pull out that big old hateful notorious club that is about to brutally bash his guts in. Seth smirks at Glen’s obvious awe of such a huge and veiny monster, as he starts dick-slapping Glen in his pretty mouth, finally jamming the swollen head into his tight throat as far as it will fit. Glen’s eyes water up while his cranial capacity is pushed to its limit before Seth extracts his thick shaft and flips Glen onto his stomach while pulling his pants and underwear down in a single fell swoop. Glen’s sweet young bubble butt now vulnerable and splayed for the camera is ripe for the pillaging. Seth’s enormous meat gets visibly harder as the blood rushes in while he slaps it against such a youthful and supple ass, warming Glen up for an anal plumbing of a lifetime. Seth finally spreads Glen’s cheeks apart and gently guides his throbbing member deep into a fur surrounded hole so tight it nearly cuts off his circulation. It doesn’t take long before Seth is ramming all the way to Glen’s upper intestine at full speed, while Glen belts out earth-shattering moan after moan. Taking even more control, Seth grabs Glen’s discarded belt, ties his hands behind him, and pulls him up into doggy while fucking the living daylights out of such a handsome wiry specimen of bisexual boy. Glen get’s pounded so hard he is rendered incapable of articulating a single thought in the English language, while Seth stretches his tattered bunghole as far as it can get. Longing to see Glen’s pained expressions while rearranging his internal organs, Seth drags him onto his back where he continues to pulverize his wrecked rectum until unable to hold back any longer, he yanks his awesome gut-wrench from an annihilated anus and completely drowns Glen’s entire head in a deluge of salty jism. This insanely hot couple had me leaking so much precum I had to change my pants immediately after we were done filming. Way to go Seth and Glen!