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PerfectGuyz.com: 19 year old muscle boy Vinnie Visco shows off his perfect body


Scene description from PerfectGuyz.com:

Some guys exude confidence; others a boyish charm. But rarely do you come across the perfect combination of both. Such is the case with Vinnie Visco. When we first met Vinnie his demeanor made us unsure of how much we might get out of him. But before long, his confidence surfaced and we were suddenly aware of just how sexual this guy can be. At 5 feet, 9 inches and 188 pounds, this 19 year old Floridian is the epitome of a college jock. We were already crazy for his dark brown hair and beautiful brown eyes. But it’s what’s under the clothes that really caught our attention. Vinnie’s chiseled chest is framed by powerful shoulders and equaled only by his bulging biceps. The slightest hint of a treasure trail ripples over his perfect abs. And it was impossible not to feast our eyes on his perfectly round butt and the eight inches of cock between his legs. As the film rolled, we watched as Vinnie allowed himself to get lost in his own physique, caressing and paying attention to each and every muscle. We caught the tiniest glimpse of cockiness as he proudly stroked his beautiful cock; sometimes even with the slightest of smirks on his face. And when he exploded it was truly the icing on this delicious slice of cake. Enjoy this special Zack Asher presentation featuring Vinnie Visco.

BaitBuddies.com: Barely 18 Straight Teen Bangs His First Boy Butt!

Tony, our straight guy, has the world by the tail. He’s as they say, young and full of cum. And at 5’8”, with green eyes, blond hair, cute face, and just the right number of tattoos covering his slender, tight body, he has had more girlfriends and sex than most guys twice his age. He’s a bit rough and so fucking cocky that when asked why he thinks he could be a porn star, he says without hesitation ”because my girlfriends all say I’m really good at it.” Our Bait guy, Jacob, a cute, young dude at 22 yrs of age with a big hard 7 inch dick was way into Tony. He was grinning from ear to ear and his mouth was watering so much we thought he’d start drooling. You might too if you knew you were going to have this hotties dick in your mouth and butt real soon. Well, Tony did not disappoint, he stayed rock hard throughout almost the entire time – except when we made him suck dick for the first time – but that’s understandable. Anyway, he fucked the crap out of Jacob who came so hard that some of the hot cum spurted right into his mouth. Then straight boy Tony ripped off his rubber and shot a huge load all over Jacob’s cock and hand – he was lovin’ it and you will too!